University of Mazandaran (UMZ) is by far the largest and the oldest higher education institute in the north of the country. In the past 40 years, it has yearned to reach higher levels of education through hiring top professors and by implementing top-notch learning technology. Over the years, thousands of its graduates have become leaders and influential figures in the development of our country. Located in a vastly developing tourist destination, and being literally a stone throw away from the Caspian Sea, UMZ has become a favorite place to study for Iranian as well as international students.

In recent years, interest in studying in Iranian universities has risen among international students; this is largely due to its scientific and technological development and its rich cultural heritage. UMZ, in its bid to contribute to international scientific community, now offers different programs for students who wish to commence undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Iran. This and UMZ's resolve to become more international greatly facilitated it to join UMZ in order to gain either a BA, MA, or PhD degree.

The Office of International and Scientific Cooperation (OISC) has undertaken the responsibility of recruiting international students. The office manages the affairs required for students’ admission from the beginning. For more information about the process of admission, please check links bellow.